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INDESTRUCTIBLE All Around super watch that's actually CHEAP - Casio DW5600hr-1DR

  And there it hit me, I was instantly hooked to the unusual design of the watch. Looking back, during my primary school years, the year was in 1998 I noticed that a lot of my classmates are sporting a similar kind of watch. To me the branding was similar to some sci-fi tech that I was constantly encountering in our science magazines. The term G-Shock became so ubiquitous that nearly all manners of the watch-loving world were taken by surprise. I still remembered how G-Shock watches came to be, it was from a certain engineer who broke a piece of a very valuable watch he received from his father or so the story goes, on which he promised to make a watch so tough as to avoid accidentally breaking it again. My first watch was a little mickey mouse watch that I received from my aunt, nothing fancy, just your average generic kind of watch. I was so curious about how that watch works that I ended up opening it forcefully and carefully breaking it piece by piece. I remember vividly how my mo

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