No BS long term review of Sony WF-XM3 (Great TWE for Nurses)

DISCLAIMER: By the time this blog was published Sony already unveiled the next iteration of this popular product. And by no means I'm an expert in this field or an audiophile for that matter.

We barely have time for ourselves, so we constantly find the time to bring ourselves inner peace during our daily commute.

nurse on subway
   Image: Nurse in protective mask and coat waiting for a train on subway station by Laura James

Let's be honest. We, nurses, travel a lot to and from work most of the time. Hell yeah!  Like we don't max out our steps for the day at work. Our daily lives are filled with constant decision-making and dealing with a lot of involved teams and not to mention very unruly patients and their significant others. We barely have time for ourselves, so we constantly find the time to bring ourselves inner peace during our daily commute.

Between our busy world and our inner sanctum. Lies, the most unfriendly and ungentle environment and to those who unfortunately don't have their own vehicle makes it all the more inconvenient and unpleasant hearing those loud noises daily. This has been my predicament for so long, I've been struggling to find peace and quiet while commuting to my workplace 6km away from where I live.

During my off days, I usually try to look for a niche and secluded coffee shops around my area. to my dismay, I found one but not very secluded. And very near that area was a famous bookstore here in the middle east selling office supplies and also very well-known for selling electronics. Browsing around got me thinking of considering wireless earbuds that have ANC or ACTIVE NOISE CANCELING. I found a few known brands like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. what got my attention at that time was the  Sony WF-XM3 which was just unveiled by sony a month ago. My God! it was very expensive and it cost around 240$

sony earbuds on table

I knew at that time that this TWE or True Wireless Earbud is very new to the market and hasn't been well-reviewed yet. But knowing Sony and their Audio Expertise, I can't go wrong in purchasing this product. I was at a crossroads at that time telling myself what a big idiot I am in buying this earbud. but to hell I care, I need one and that wouldn't stop me from buying it.

As a musician, I usually look for the frequency response of the headphones I'm buying I'm not a bass geek, but I usually settle at a base frequency of 20Hz which is a standard of well-known and good quality headphones. On paper, the earbuds look impressive. Dual Noise Sensor Technology and 24 Hours of Battery Life in and on itself is already impressive, not to mention the different sound Hi-Fidelity sound format the Sony XM3 is shipped with.

Audio Wise, The XM3 is very impressive, with booming bass and crystal clear highs the XM3 comes fully equipped. Paired with the Sony connect app, the features and possibilities are endless. Talking about the audio is no big deal for Sony, but the real icing on the cake was its Noise Canceling capabilities. after pairing the earbuds with my phone and wearing it, I immediately was blown away by how my surrounding noise was muted. From 0-100% I can say with all honesty that most of the sound was canceled by around 85-90%, it was that good! You can barely hear the cars along the road of the chatter of people around the area and the busy street outside. It's as if you are in your own world. maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. but hey, a lot of good reviews from Unbox Therapy and The Verge gave this earbuds flying colors. For full specifications refer here.


+ Best isolation performance

+ Premium build quality

+ Pro sound quality


- Difficult to get a good seal Despite the variety of  available ear tips

- Not waterproof and not the most stable design for sports